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Get Paid to be Smart




Being smart has never been so simple. If you recently purchased a qualifying smart thermostat, you may be eligible for a $100 credit from Nolin RECC and more.

Nolin has partnered with several thermostat manufacturers, including Nest, Honeywell, ecobee and others with our SimpleSaver program. Once you’ve registered your qualifying smart thermostat online, you’ll receive an e-mail from the manufacturer about enrolling in the SimpleSaver program.

If you meet the requirements and enroll in SimpleSaver, you are eligible for a $100 rebate.* Plus, there’s a $10 one-time enrollment incentive. Each year you continue in the program, you’ll receive an additional $20 bill credit after the summer season.

When you sign up for the program, your thermostat will be adjusted a limited number of times throughout the summer. Here’s how it works:

  • At the start of an adjustment period, your thermostat will be automatically adjusted up to four degrees above the current temperature.
  • The adjustment will typically last no more than four hours on non-holiday weekdays and will occur between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.
  • Once the temperature adjustment is over, your thermostat will return to its normal set point and/or schedule. In some cases, your thermostat may be adjusted by up to three degrees prior to an adjustment event to pre-cool your home.

Those minor thermostat adjustments help us all work together to reduce energy use during peak demand times. And at any time during one of the events, you can opt out from your thermostat, mobile device or web app. For the majority of the devices, when you opt out of the pre-cool, you are also opting out of the temperature adjustment.

Sounds simple and smart, right? Find out if you’re eligible by visiting For questions about the program, e-mail

*Eligibility requires being a member of one of the 15 participating local Touchstone Energy Cooperatives who uses an eligible, fixed internet-connected thermostat for cooling. The $100 credit is available for qualifying thermostats that were purchased on or after March 2, 2019. See website for complete details.








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