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SmartHub: So Much More than Online Billing

You may have read or heard about Nolin’s SmartHub, our online billing solution that enables members to view their account, make an electronic payment, and even report an outage. But there is a lot more to SmartHub than online billing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see how much electricity you’re using before you get your electric bill? With SmartHub you can view all of your usage, including your unbilled usage. With our new smart meters and SmartHub you can actually view your usage down to the hour.

Do you have a heat pump or water heater that is malfunctioning? SmartHub allows you to view that usage and possibly determine the problem. If you notice higher usage and can’t figure out what is causing it, simply call one of Nolin’s energy advisors and they can help you answer those energy usage questions.

Most of us at one time or another have been surprised by a higher than normal electric bill. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a text message or email letting you know when your usage suddenly increases? SmartHub can notify you of extreme variations in your energy usage through the Power Usage Alert feature. Think of it like a low balance notification from your bank.

SmartHub also allows you to compare your usage this month to last month, or even your usage for the same month last year through the Usage Comparison feature. Not only will you get a comparison of your usage, you will also get a comparison of weather data and the amount you were billed. This tool will help you see how the weather affects your energy consumption.

Are you ready to control your energy usage with SmartHub? Click on the SmartHub logo to set up your account.


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