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Nolin RECCWhat would you do with an extra fifteen minutes in your day? Life goes by fast, and technology sometimes seems to create an impersonal high-speed atmosphere, but at Nolin RECC, we’re using that to our advantage. We’ve never broken with the tradition of keeping a friendly face at the office to greet you, but we know sometimes you just can’t make it to the cooperative. That’s why Nolin offers several time-saving, convenient options that let you take care of your monthly electric bill in the most convenient way for you. Automatic. Our automatic bank / Visa / MasterCard draft service saves you the hassle of mailing a check each month. We simply deduct the full amount of your bill directly from your bank account or we can automatically charge your Visa/MasterCard. Just contact a Nolin representative, and we’ll be glad to sign you up for an automatic bank/Visa/MasterCard draft. Easy. Nolin RECC is always on. Online, that is. You can pay bills, review your account and even transfer and disconnect service online at Just click on “My Account” and establish a password. Tried and True.We like getting mail from a friend just as much as the next guy, so go ahead and mail your check or money order for the full amount of your bill to our Elizabethtown address, and we’ll gladly credit your account. Be sure the check or money order arrives before the due date so you won’t be assessed a late fee. Up Close and Personal. If you have the time, we are here for you. Stop by one of our Nolin RECC payment centers and drop off your payment in person in the lobby, or use the convenient drive-thru or night depository.We also accept Visa/MasterCard. Again, be sure to drop off your payment before 5:00 p.m. on the due date.



Nolin RECCBudget billing.With standard billing procedures, you receive a bill for the previous month’s electric usage, so your electricity usage—and your bill—may vary depending on the season. Standard bills tend to be higher in extreme temperatures and lower in moderate temperatures. The fact is, “standard” doesn’t suit everyone, so why try to put a square peg in a round hole? We know you have enough to think about without surprises when you sit down to pay bills, so Nolin RECC offers a budget billing plan that allows you to pay an average amount each month, rather than the actual amount of electricity used. The budget rate is calculated based on the average kilowatt hour usage for the previous 12 months. Also 1/12 of any unpaid balance forward will be added to the budget amount. Other expenses, like taxes, fuel adjustments, environmental surcharge and miscellaneous charges, also are calculated. Nolin RECC member-owners are eligible to enroll in the budget billing program after 13 months of service at their present address. The Plus Side. Benefits you can expect as a member of Nolin RECC go beyond reliability and convenience. As a cooperative, member-owners are eligible for capital credits, which are similar to shareholder dividends. Credits are excess capital that remains after Nolin RECC, as a cooperative, has paid its expenses. We are careful with your investment. That’s why credits are held for several years to build a cushion for future expenses, such as storm damage, equipment replacement and debt retirement. After current and future expenses are covered, capital credits are distributed among members 


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