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Celebrating Earth Day all year

In recognition of Earth Day on April 22, I want to highlight some of the ways Nolin is working to most efficiently use its resources and be good stewards of the environment. We have many employees who share a desire to conserve resources and reduce waste, but a few have gone above and beyond to make sure that we get the most out of our efforts.

Brian Hamilton, a line design technician, is one of the employees who takes exceptional pride in utilizing recycling opportunities. He approached me a few months ago and asked if he could research implementing new aspects to our recycling plan to make sure that we are making the most of our conservation efforts.


Reducing our impact

To his credit, Brian proposed a full-service plan that will allow Nolin employees to recycle cardboard, paper, wood products, all types of plastics, glass, aluminum cans, batteries and fluorescent lightbulbs. Through partnerships with the Hardin County and LaRue County solid waste departments, we are working to ensure that our employees have the ability to recycle as many items as possible. We are also actively pursuing ways to reduce the amount of waste that remains after projects and other operations.


Member programs

Expanded recycling efforts is just one way that Nolin RECC is working to take care of the Earth. For our members, we offer a program called envirowatts that converts renewable sources including local landfill gas into electricity. This voluntary program offers blocks of 100 kWh from the Pearl Hollow Landfill in Elizabethtown, one of six landfill-gas power plants in Kentucky. Together, these six power plants eliminate 33,467 tons of methane per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 85,063 tons.


In addition, we offer members the opportunity to participate in Cooperative Solar through a not-for-profit community solar farm owned by Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives. With more than 32,300 panels covering 60 acres, it is one of the largest solar farms in Kentucky.


We also offer free energy audits for your home. Our energy advisors will review your heating and cooling systems, insulation, windows and doors to identify any possible efficiency improvements. This service is part of our commitment not only to the earth, but to our members’ well-being and budget.


We value this collaboration and recognize the vital role you play in proactively seeking energy-saving solutions for your own home. Our focus on education is an effort to help you make the best decisions possible for your home and family. We use this newsletter, bill inserts, Facebook, Instagram and our website to share tips that can help you use less energy.


Understanding the importance of taking care of this planet for our generation and those to come is something that we share with our members. This Earth Day and always, we are committed to improving our impact on the earth and helping our members to do the same.

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