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Electrical Safety Demonstrations

Electrical safety is a major concern for Nolin RECC. With over 3,000 miles of electric line covering nine counties, it is important that Nolin educate you and the community about safety issues concerning power lines.

We offer two versions of high voltage safety demonstrations. One is a six-foot board display equipped with 7200 volts of electricity that can be taken into a classroom. During the safety demonstration we teach children how to play it safe around electric power lines. He shows the youth what happens when kite strings, ladders, grain augers, and other materials come into contact with a power line. The school presentation normally lasts for 45 minutes and includes class discussions.

Another form of teaching electrical safety is demonstrated with a 14-foot trailer carrying 7200 volts of electricity. The safety trailer is equipped with a real power line, meter and transformer. Nolin line technicians Anthony Huff and Josh Sanders usually conduct the hour-long Electrical Safetydemonstration. The trailer is used for outdoor presentations only and shows what happens when trees, antennas, kites and grain augers come into contact with electric power lines.Nolin RECC Safety Demonstration Participant

Both types of safety demonstrations are given to schools, businesses, civic groups, and clubs. The safety board is best utilized indoors with small groups (25 people or less). The 14-foot trailer is used for outdoor presentations to larger groups of people. Ongoing electrical safety education in our community is one of Nolin's major priorities, and we are totally committed to our responsibility to teach you and your children how to play it safe around electricity.


If you'd like to schedule classroom demonstrations, contact the Member Services Department -
for safety trailer demonstrations, contact Andy Patterson -

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