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This is my last column for the Nolin News. In January, I will be leaving Nolin RECC and 11-year employee Greg Lee will begin as your president and chief executive officer. Greg’s education, experience and leadership will take Nolin to the next level. In the past 45 years, Nolin has accomplished much. In the next 45 years, there will be opportunities to do even more. As Greg leads the cooperative and your employees, I see a tremendous future for a strong Nolin RECC. I thank the Nolin board of directors for always putting the members’ interests first and for giving me the honor to help direct the growth of your cooperative.

The past 45 years have flown by. On October 1, 1973, I was hired as Nolin’s heating and air-conditioning specialist. In 1975 I became Member Services manager. In 1991, I was given the opportunity to step into my present role as president and chief executive officer. Many changes have occurred in those years as homes, businesses and industry came to this area. In 1973, Nolin served just over 10,000 meters and had 1,758 miles of power line serving mostly the rural areas of Hardin and LaRue counties. Today, more than 36,000 meters and 3,032 miles of line serve members in parts of nine counties. Those miles of line include underground line that grew from nine miles in 1973 to 436 miles.

The number of highly skilled and dedicated employees has grown from 53 to 95 today. They are working every day to keep clean, safe, reliable electricity flowing to your homes and businesses to help make your life easier, safer and more efficient.

In 1973, you read your own meter, wrote the reading on your bill card and sent it to us with your check. Today, Nolin’s automated meter technology sends the readings to us electronically. Nolin can make meter connects and disconnects now from the office without making costly trips to your location. Advances to computers have streamlined every part of our business. Almost everything done by hand or mechanically in 1973 is now done with the aid of computers, the internet and cloud data storage. Today you have more choices of bill payment such as credit card, bank draft and pay by phone.

The way we communicate has also changed. In 1973, newspapers, radio and the monthly Nolin News/Kentucky Living magazine kept you informed about Nolin. Today, we also have our website, text, Facebook and bill insert. Our affiliation with Touchstone Energy has been a wonderful tool to help you learn what being a member of a cooperative means. Touchstone Energy also provides you with services you cannot get anywhere else.

A special thanks to Nolin members who have decided to join Nolin Operation Round Up. The pennies you have given each month have turned into over $192,000 in support for the community since 2006. Rounding up your bill to the next dollar has helped dozens of community groups and organizations achieve their goal of assisting others. If you are not already participating, please consider joining over 6,400 members who contribute each month.

The dedication and caring of the Nolin employees and directors serving you over the years made these and many more innovations possible. I am honored and thankful that I have had the privilege of working with all these wonderful employees and directors.

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