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Green Power

Global warming, carbon footprint, and renewable energy; these days, everybody is concerned about how we live and how it affects our environment. At Nolin RECC, we also are concerned about our environment. Whether it's generating power from Pearl Hollow landfill, a windmill project at our Fort Knox office or buying energy through our envirowatts program or, Nolin is committed to the use of renewable energy where it is feasible.

Renewable energy is important to all of us and especially to Nolin. Although, no single renewable energy source can solve this issue, a combination of the different renewable energy sources combined with our coal base load can deliver energy that is there when you need it while protecting our environment.


Important Notice to Our Members

If you are considering installing solar panels, windmills or other renewable energy sources, it is important that you get in contact Nolin before you install your system. This will allow Nolin to ensure that you are properly connected to the grid and get credit for any excess electricity you produce. Be sure to check out the Net Metering Tariff for more information on interconnecting your renewable energy source.


Cooperative Solar

Now, electric cooperative members can license solar panels at Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives' not-for-profit 60 acre solar farm in Winchester, KY. And they'll receive the benefits of solar for the next 25 years. We call it Cooperative Solar.

Members of Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives now can tap into renewable solar energy for their home or business without the headaches of installing and maintaining solar panels themselves.

Many co-op members are interested in going solar but they face obstacles, such as:

  • Covering their roof with solar panels.
  • Maintaining the equipment themselves.
  • Their home’s roof is shaded by trees or is not aligned for optimum sun exposure.
  • They rent their dwelling.
  • Deed restrictions prevent installation of panels.

If one of these obstacles apply to to you check out for a solution that might fit your needs.

Landfill Gas

Many of you may not know that Hardin County's very own Pearl Hollow landfill uses the methane gas produced from decaying garbage to power three generators at the landfill. These three units combined can generate up to 2.4 megawatts of electricity. That is enough energy to supply about 1,440 homes with clean renewable energy. A fourth unit will be added as the supply of methane increases over the next few years. Power from the plant is sold through our envirowatts program.

Wind Power

Nolin RECC is joining the nation's quest to seek alternative energy sources. We implemented the first known Kentucky wind turbine energy project at Nolin's office located on the Fort Knox military base. The wind turbine project is strictly being used as a research effort at this time and we will not be endorsing its installation until collected data can be documented and analyzed. The wind turbine is part of the Fort Knox Energy program to help the military base achieve its goal of implementing renewable energy and reducing consumption.

Before the installation could even begin, zoning laws had to be checked out thoroughly and appropriate application papers had to be filed. The cost of a small turbine can run between $6,000 to $22,000, depending upon size, application and service agreements with the manufacturer.



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