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At Nolin, Learning Never Stops

In this new school year, people of all ages are learning about a wide variety of subjects and skills that will prepare them for the future. In a similar way, Nolin RECC is continually learning in order to improve electric service, reliability and safety. Ultimately, this enhances the quality of life in our local communities.

Nolin keeps abreast of industry trends in the energy and utilities sector. Rapidly changing innovations in technology fuel demand for more options. People are looking for more ways to manage their lives, including their energy usage. These technologies not only help us to be more informed, but can also make tasks like outage restoration, notification and bill pay more convenient.

At Nolin, we are working to navigate the possibilities that these technologies promise. SmartHub is a system we use that allows our members greater control and more avenues for monitoring and paying for energy usage. Using either the free mobile app or web portal, members can see how much energy they consume each day, as well as observe the impact of factors like outside temperature and changes they make in their homes.

SmartHub also gives our members many other options. Recently, Nolin made it possible for our members to receive outage notifications by text and email. We listened to the concerns of our members and understood that they wanted more information about power outages and estimated times until power restoration. The advanced metering that makes this possible lets us know when our members are without service, even without a phone call. These kinds of tools mean that we can respond more efficiently to our members’ needs.

Additionally, members can now control how they receive a bill using SmartHub. Members can choose to stop receiving a paper bill in the mail and instead receive an email and text that says a bill is available to view and pay. These electronic bill notifications are another option we are offering to better serve our members.

As technology and information continue to evolve, we know that we must also be willing to grow and change. For Nolin, our “school year” is never over. We will always seek to learn from our members about their priorities, and we will continue to study and research so that we can better serve them: now, and in the future.

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