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Our Power to Respond

For the last few months, we have all lived the reality of constant change. At the beginning of 2020, we could not foresee the challenges that we have collectively faced. While there have been many things outside of our control, there is something that remains ours to shape: our response. Board Member Linda Grimes gives a bucket to a member during our Drive-thru registration for the Annual Meeting

At Nolin RECC, we chose in mid-March to close our lobbies to in-person traffic. Since reopening our lobbies in late June, we are observing recommended CDC guidelines. In addition, our employees have been practicing social distancing, wearing masks and keeping cleanliness a priority. Our workforce has also implemented new ways to do our jobs virtually. All of this is an effort to keep our employees and members safe while not sacrificing the standards we hold ourselves to at Nolin.

Understanding that some of our members have been faced with difficult economic choices, we are committed to working with them to pay their bill as they are able. For anyone who has not done so already, we strongly encourage those in need to reach out to Community Action groups that may be able to help them obtain some bill payment assistance. For the well-being of our members, it will serve everyone best to resolve these concerns now, in advance of the point in time that disconnects resume.

As summer drew near, we knew that we would have to evaluate our annual meeting format. A gathering of hundreds of people simply was not possible. I am proud to says that Nolin employees stepped up to the challenge in a commendable way. They were able to set up a format that allowed nearly 2,600 members to register via drive-thru and “attend” a virtual meeting streamed on our YouTube channel.

These are just a few examples of how we have shaped our response in a time of great challenge. We know we are not alone. We are proud to serve communities full of residents who are committed to finding the best solutions to re-implement some elements of our normal way of life. While we hope a public crisis like a global pandemic is something we are not faced with again, we understand that it is in our response that we can find our greatest strengths.


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