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A Time to Reflect; A Time to Prepare

About this time each year, I find myself reflecting on what has been accomplished over the last 12 months—both in my personal and professional life. I find it important to account for the highs and the lows, the good and the bad, the things that were positive and uplifting, and the things that left me realizing improvement is needed. All rolled together, I’m satisfied that we will be able to look back at 2019 as a very important year in the history of Nolin RECC.

Communication improvements

You may remember that 2019 was the beginning of my career as CEO. It also brought initial challenges in terms of the way we communicate with our members. In response to a late 2018 ice storm, we realized that the information we were offering to our members during these most chaotic times was falling short of our collective expectations. We immediately went to work to harness the technologies available to us by implementing outage notifications and estimated restoration times through SmartHub. We have also broadened our social media platform to include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to better allow us to connect with our ever-diversifying membership. I am proud of our employees who have worked to make these improvements to better serve our members.

Reliability improvements

Nolin RECC has had a reasonable year in terms of reliability performance—nothing exceptional, but solid. We, and our power supplier East Kentucky Power, have studied our service territory and are pursuing ways to bring you more reliable electric service. Nolin has spent considerable time making system improvements in the Stephensburg to Big Clifty area, as well as in the communities of Hodgenville and Roanoke. East Kentucky Power has just recently completed a transmission line rebuild of 17 miles, spanning from Hodgenville to Glendale to Stephensburg. We are hopeful that these considerable capital projects bring needed improvements to our system. We are also revamping our vegetation management program to ensure that we are accounting for individual member needs, but most of all, that we do our best to keep Mother Nature at bay and minimize the impact of ice and wind storms. Please bear with us as we work to make this program the best it can be.

Our people make the difference

I am very pleased with our team of employees who make up our Fort Knox Operations division. The work that they have done to enhance our local branch of the Armed Forces has been unmatched across the Department of Defense. Our efforts at Fort Knox have both financial and economic benefit for all of our service territory. Our members and our communities share in the prosperity of Fort Knox.

Lastly, I am proud of the positive changes taking place at Nolin RECC. In 2019, we saw the retirement of several key figures in our organization. We are grateful for their work and the knowledge that they passed down to their successors. We would not be achieving at such a high level without their contributions. We are glad to be working hard for our members and hard for our environment. While retiring $2.6 million in capital credits in 2019 was gratifying, so was the effort made by our employees to keep over two tons of recyclable materials out of landfills.

2019 was, in some ways, a continuation of the tradition that has made Nolin RECC what it is, but it also marked a significant step toward becoming what it needs to be to excel in the years to come. We stand ready in this new year to build on the Nolin you have come to trust and value as your cooperative.

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