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The Touchstone Energy Rebate Programs

Shaving your heating and cooling costs in your new home requires planning from the ground up. The Touchstone Energy Home takes advantage of quality insulation materials, sound construction techniques, and a geothermal heating and cooling system or high-efficiency heat pump to make sure your home is energy efficient. The home must meet certain insulation and energy efficiency standards to qualify as a Touchstone Energy Home. Please contact the Member Services department if you would like more details on the Touchstone Energy Home program. A Nolin representative will inspect and verify all requirements before being certified as a Touchstone Energy Home.


Touchstone Energy New Home Program

When a Heat Pump is installed in a new Touchstone Energy Home the member (homeowner) may receive a rebate as long as the following requirements are met.


$750 Rebate Requirements for New Home:

  • Must be built to Touchstone Energy Home specifications

  • Pre-Drywall inspection required

  • Minimum ENERGY STAR rated Heat Pump (Currently 15 SEER 8.5 HSPF)

  • Electric tank water heater required (Tankless or instantaneous water heaters are prohibited)


A Nolin representative must inspect the home before a rebate is paid. Please call the Member Services Department at (270) 765-6153 for more information.

*  Rebate does not include manufactured homes, modular homes, or mobile homes. For these types of homes please see our ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home Program.


Heat Pump Retro-fit Program

When a high efficiency heat pump is installed in an existing home, meeting the requirements below, the member (homeowner) may be eligible to receive a rebate. Again, the installation will need to be verified by a Nolin representative before the rebate is paid.

Heat Pump Rebate Requirements:

  • A FREE home Energy Audit must be done before work is started and after work is completed

  • Must convert from Electric Furnace, Ceiling Cable Heat, or Baseboard Heat to a Heat Pump

  • Must be an all-electric home before rebate is paid


14 SEER / 8.2 HSPF


15 SEER / 8.5 HSPF or greater


Residential Energy Audit Program

Nolin RECC offers Low Cost/No Cost residential audits for members. The Cooperative provides a free inspection of the premises and makes recommendations to the homeowner on what areas need to be addressed in order to make their home more energy efficient. Members may also receive caulking from Nolin RECC to help seal those air leaks. If the home qualifies, a rebate up to $750 may be paid after adding insulation to the attic and air sealing the home through the Button-Up program.

Button-Up Program

After having a free blower door test performed by Nolin RECC, members may receive up to $750 rebate after insulating and weatherizing their home according to our recommendations. Nolin will pay the member based on the calculated BTUs of heat loss reduced from the previous inspection performed by the Cooperative. The rebate will be paid according to the following requirements.

Button-up Rebate Requirements:

  • A FREE home Energy Audit including blower door test must be done before work is started and after work is completed.

  • Air sealing your home and adding insulation to your attic on all-electric home at least two years old.

  • A Nolin RECC representative will calculate BTUs saved after completion of the final blower door test.


Rebate to be paid as follows:

The Button Up incentive will pay a total payment of $40 per thousand BTUs reduced to the member up to the maximum rebate incentive of $750.
Find out more information on our Button-Up ProgramGo

Please call Member Services Department at (270) 765-6153 or email us at for more information on any of these programs.

ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home

As a member of Nolin RECC, when you purchase a new manufactured home for installation in our service area, you may be eligible for a $1,150 rebate for upgrading to an ENERGY STAR rated home. Visit our ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home page for more information.



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